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          1.   Dongguan Jwell Machinery Co. Ltd is an important manufacturing base in the Pearl River Delta region of Shanghai Jwell Machinery. It is located in Dongkeng town of Dongguang, Guangdong province, covers an area of around 20000 square meters and has about 100 technology management employees. It is a professional plastic extrusion machinery manufacturer including producing, processing, sales and service.The main products are: PET single-layer/multi-layer co-extrusion sheet extrusion line; PP, PS single-layer/multi-layer co-extrusion line; ABS, HIPS automobile panel, refrigerator plate and bags plate extrusion line; PC, PMMA optic sheet extrusion line; PMMA, PC, GPPS plate extrusion line; PP, PE, PVC thick plate extrusion line; PP, PE, PC hollow cross section plate extrusion line; PP, EVA, EVOH, PP five-layer/seven-layer co-extrusion line, PC, PET, PVC corrugated plate extrusion line, etc. It also barrel includes the sales and service of kinds of single-screw, double-screw, cylinder, plastic sheet/plate die, screen changers, distributor, mirror surface roller and flower pattern roller.
              Dongguan Jwell Machinery Co. Ltd will keep on adhering to the quality policy and the direction for all staff's efforts of Jwell Machinery "Excellent quality, Perfect all", remember the core idea "Be Honest",develop new products, improve the quality of original products and do better on service! We sincerely welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to visit our factory and discuss cooperation. We will do our best to provide excellent equipments and service for you!
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