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            Sheet Extrusion Line

            APET、PETG、CPET Sheet Extrusion Lin

            APET, PETG, CPET single-layer or multi-layer sheet extrusion machine
            It,s one of the most advanced production lines with matured technology and stability in China. Compared with other same kind equipment, it’s over 30% higher in overall efficiency. This line is suitable for PS, PP, PE as well.

            PETG sheet
            PETG is called low temperature PET, it’s a new environment-friendly packing material with features such as high luster, good transparency, excellent barrier property, self-adhesion, which is used for glue bonding and high-frequency processing.

            CPET sheet
            CPET is a kind of modified PET, with good resistance to high temperature, It is usually used for package in microwave oven.

            PET stereoscopic optical grating sheet
            It can be used as top grade package for cosmetics, medicine, tobacco & alcohol and common goods such as stationery, advertisements, posters and all kinds of cards.

            PLA sheet
            PLA is a kind of line shape Aliphatic Polyesters. PLA can be used in rigid package of fruits, vegetables, eggs, cooked food and roast food, also can be usedfor packaging of sandwich, biscuit and some other packages like fresh flower.

            Parameters Multi layer Single layer Highly-efficient
            Extruder specification DW120/65-1000 DW120-1000 DW150-1500
            Thickness of the product 0.20-1.5mm 0.20-1.5mm 0.20-1.5mm
            Main motor power 110kw/45kw 110kw 160kw
            Capacity (Max.) 500kg/h 450kg/h 800kg/h

            Note: The specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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